Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Red Grooms inspired Sculpto-pictorama Self Portraits!

Red Grooms was our Arts-tober artist of 2012 and all of the schools in our district were asked to create displays in October showcasing creations inspired by the artist and his process. The fact that he was a Nashville native was a big hit with the students, who knowing he is still living, expected him to drop in on our class or art shows at any time. I hope he does one day, how delightful would that be!!

I always start the year with Identity in 4th grade and this year was no different. I launched my unit but the results were anything but routine! What is identity? How do artists show identity? Why do artists create portraits of themselves and others? We discussed not only why artists created portraits but how they created them. We discussed and explored how the medium and mood spoke to viewers about the identity of the person portrayed. Then we explored Groom's process.

Student's drew their portraits in pencil and outlined them in Sharpie to use as a template.
Then it was cut out and traced onto a card stock. I used file folders because I had a ton and they had a good base skin color. You can make it darker and I have never seen a race lighter than a manilla folder. :)

Cut out the card stock outline and glue it down onto a stiffer board. I had a cash of matt board. Then add the eyes on a white paper. Cutting out the eyes was done by the teacher, a rotary blade does nicely. rolled and X in each eye as students were ready and they thought it was hilarious! They could get their scissors into the opening to cut out the eye shape, trace it onto the white paper and glue it down.

Next trace the face and "T" of the nose and brow onto the card stock and add color. We used colored pencils.

Finally you are ready to assemble. I love 3D-O's by Scratch Art. You can use the circles and then cut apart the webbing for more bang for your buck! I am very stingy with them and only allow 3-4 per layer.

Once it is all assembled, and this was my kiddo's favorite part, because of the gap between the eyes and the facial layer, the eyes seem to follow you! Stop swaying! It only works in person. ;)

Here is some student work !

This construction took about four weeks to complete and I see them an hour each week. In Arts-tober, all of the portraits went to the local Regal Cinema 16 in Green Hills for the 4th grade Art Show. Every 4th grader's portrait was on display that month. And appropriately spooky for October, as you walked through the show, every eye in every portrait followed you! 

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  1. Nice ideas for lucky kids... congratulations