Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stand Strong with Art

This was a project I did for my church's VBS. Our theme was Kingdom Rock, Kids Standing Strong for God. So as the "art lady" I chose several activities that were somewhat medieval that we could do in 20 minutes or less. This was on the day that  "Friends and Family helps us stand strong". We talked about who gave us our names and how some children were named for someone in their family or a close family friend. Some students were named after friends from the Bible too. They created their names similar to illuminated manuscripts. 

Once they were finished we pinned them to a king size flat sheet like bricks in a wall because walls "stand strong". The wall hung in our church the week after VBS and the following Sunday students could collect their names on the way out of mass. It is a great way to show how many children participated in VBS and for the parishioners  to see what the parish children are learning and creating during VBS through art. The children were so proud of the work they did and they loved find and see his or her name on the wall! 

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