Monday, August 19, 2013

We've Got the Beat!

IThis year for back-to-school in-service my principal let me do something fun and artsy with my faculty. What could I do, I wondered....then it hit me...FugleFun! 
I loved Tricia's Newsweek cover that students created on the iPad ( so she coached me a little and I came up with PPE Tiger Beat!! We are the Tigers after all. I used Doodle Buddy ( I like Sketchbook express better.) to teach them to erase the background. I used a template created in Keynote and Dropbox to store work in progress! The teachers chose a prop that told something about their personality to have in the picture. For many, it served as an inspiration for the titles. 
The finished covers graced our staff board to welcome students back with the title, "We've Got The Beat!" Needless to say, it was a hit!!

We brainstormed ways that teachers could use a design lesson like this in their classrooms. Some ideas were book reviews, all-about-me student pages, playbills for student driven productions, and even begging reports to showcase facts collected!

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