Monday, February 11, 2013

Art is a work of Heart!

 First you should know that I love Jim Dine! His work is so fun and kid friendly. He uses everyday objects and recognizable shapes to create works of art. His pieces often have bright colors and repetition. Like I said, fun and kid friendly. We focused on his many works featuring hearts because my kindergarten student's have an art show opening this week at our local Regal Cinema. 

So, how did we do it? First we reviewed mixing tints and introduced warm and cool colors. Students painted tints of cool colors on dark blue paper and with the white added it really makes the tints pop! 

Then the students drew three hearts. We talked about scale and how one should be much larger than the other. Once they were draw we reviewed patterns (great early math skill!) and they created patterns using only warm colors. 

Finally, we talked about balance and focal point (using the largest heart and showing if they understand the size relationships). Students arranged the hearts to create visual       balance. They could overlap (which is introduced) or use position on the picture plane (move the hearts up and down).

The individual pieces are beautiful and unique but I always love to see the whole grade level up together, all 110 or so of them!

We will open our show Wednesday night, February 13th and fill the lobby with kindergarten artists and their families! Our reception provides movie popcorn donated by our host, Regal 16 in Green Hills, and lemonade donated by our parents. It is an amazing experience to see the students show off and explain what they have learned and created through art!


  1. Thanks! We had a ton of navy blue paper donated and it worked perfectly! You know what they say about when life gives you lemons! ;)