Saturday, February 9, 2013

Show a little love this week!

I found this on Pintrest and just loved it!

It is called a Valentine Lei (parent but I have come up with a couple of applications for it.

Tomorrow we will make them with the 3-4 year olds in my Sunday School class as " prayer necklaces". I wrote something that we should remember to thank God for every day. Our life and all living things, family, friends, the love that Jesus taught us and our good health are the five I chose. I wrote life, love, family, friends and health and they will add drawings of other things that they are thankful for on the backs of the hearts using crayons.

I found some milkshake straws (they are huge) which makes getting the yarn through the straw much easier for younger children who are still developing that fine motor and hand/eye coordination. I suppose you could use rigatoni noodles as well if you couldn't find the milkshake straws. I didn't even know there was such a thing and they are so cool that I am going back to Big Lots tomorrow to buy them out!!

I also lone the idea of using other shapes besides hearts! I thought this would be a great shape lesson for Pre-k and k. I will have them cut 4 or more geometric shapes and then string them together. The little ones love art you can wear! I did this with my almost 4 year old at home. We went on a "shape hunt" to find things that were circle shaped ( paper towel roll) square/rectangle ( blocks) and so on. We traced the shapes on colored paper and cut them out. I punched the holes and she put the necklace together. She loves making patterns (shape-bead-shape-bead) which is a great early math skill too.

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