Monday, March 18, 2013

Remembering Still Life

Recently my second graders have spent a lot of time on still life (yuck, right?) without complaining once! This is all thanks to American Painter, Wayne Thiebaud!
We have been on an media expedition. We drew still life, printed still life, collaged still life, embossed still life, and sculpted still life! Of course it was our favorite treats so there was no fussing about the subject matter! This year I finally figured out what big idea best fits this unit...memory! Food, like so many other sensory experiences is tied to memories. We talked a little about why these were our favorite snacks and students told me stories about that special thing that dad only makes on camping trips, or a special outing with grandma that ends in a treat. These memories are great ways for us to connect to the the world around us and even makes me find value in still life!! My plan is to as the students to include their memories in their artist statements after spring break to make this unit come to a sweet conclusion!

PS - I'm trying out the Blogger app while I'm on the road and I don't have much control over the format, but I included a link to a Sunday Morning segment. I wanted you to know what it was I case it came out longhand. ;)

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